Pioneering Sustainable Caravaning for the Future

At VADAC, our love for nature aligns perfectly with camping enthusiasts. Our mission? Combine the joys of camping with a commitment to the environment.
With over 25 years in the industry, we’re on a mission to redefine the caravaning experience.

Since our foundation in 1997, VADAC has consistently pioneered innovative accessories for caravans, campers and boats.
Our “different mindset” ethos drives us, leading to fresh and impactful perspectives within the caravaning and marine industry.
Our ultimate ambition? Ensure caravanning is both comfortable and sustainable.

In 2018, our blueprint for a greener caravaning future took shape. Central to this vision is transitioning from gas heaters to efficient heat pumps.
Our Coolmach heat pump, currently under development, promises to revolutionize the industry, steering caravanning towards an eco-friendly future.

The year 2023 is special for us, it marks the introduction of SANYMO, our innovative water system line.
The range includes cutting-edge water heaters, water pumps, water purifiers and quick-connect water system parts.

Our main focus has become the OEM market now, aiming to be the first choice for caravan and camper makers.
We envision future caravans being outfitted with VADAC’s advanced components, underscoring our unmatched quality and innovation.
Collaboration with leading distributors and retailers remains and is expanding, ensuring our products reach a wide audience.

With a foundation built on innovation, reliability and dedication, we’re focused on contributing to a sustainable caravaning future.
Today, as we set out to redefine eco-friendly caravanning, we’re committed to helping caravan enthusiasts resonate with nature responsibly.
With our upcoming heat pump and partnerships with top caravan makers, we’re excited about what’s next.

Embark on a journey with VADAC towards a greener tomorrow, where every caravan trip underscores our enduring commitment to the planet.

For more info on Coolmach, SANYMO and other brands we have created over the past decades, click on the logos below to be directed to the brand website.

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